Why Outsource

Economic pressures have forced professional firms to think hard about ways to increase profitablity and be more competitive in the marketplace. The changes in technology and globalization has made it feasible for architects, engineers, owner-builders, and contractors to succeed in this competitve economy by leveraging outsourcing. Firms that take advantage of outsourcing are well positioned to be competitive and innovative. The average total compensation including benefits for a typical CAD drafter in any major city in the US can cost their employer more than $45,000 annually. A cost sample is outlined below.

      Percent of Total
  Base salary $35,000 76%
  Bonuses $500 1%
  Social Security $2,450 5%
  Disability $700 1.5%
  Healthcare $3,500 7%
  Pension $700 1.5%
  Timeoff $3,800 8%
  Total $45,650 100%