What we do

Kaiwi Outsourcing Solution Specialist (KOSS) is your best choice for outsourced Cad Drafting Services.We provide outsourced cad drafting services for owner-builders, architects, engineers and contractors. We deliver high quality CAD drafting services at a reasonable price, always on time, for customers nationwide.Our large team of drafting professionals are ready to assist you. We will provide fixed quotes based on our $15.00/hour rate in advance of all projects.

Our services include autocad drafting, Paper-to-CAD conversion, redlines, and cad shop drawings. We also use Chief Architect to produce plans.

Kaiwi Outsourcing Solution Specialist (KOSS) works using your layers and CAD standards. Send us samples of your completed projects that are similar in scope and we will match your standards.

All of our proposals and quotes are based on an $15.00 per hour rate. Your information is safe with us, we will enter into a confidentiality agreement at your request.

We do not do home or site visits. If you need that service you should hire a local architect or designer.

We do not do scan to conversion. We do accurate manual conversions. They are accurate CAD drawings according to plan dimensions.